About UPEC

Universal Processing Equipment Co. has a culture and commitment to improvement. This continuous improvement is shared by all employees in their dealings with each other and with all clients.

Our Vision

It is the company’s objective to provide a safe, reliable and efficient service that meets or exceeds our client’s requirements, while satisfying all relevant statutory, ethical and business needs.

All of our personnel are trained to constantly deliver and improve service to all.

Our image for providing quality services will continue to grow as we improve our procedures and become more proficient in all our activities, while also driving for greater success.

Our Services

  1. Project Management

    UPEC can supply all aspects from design to implementation, compliance and commissioning.

  2. Equipment Provision

    An extensive portfolio of cutting edge industry technologies.

  3. Installation

    Led by our project team, UPEC has access to regional contractors with whom we have worked with for decades.

  4. Maintenance

    Technicians in NSW, SA and QLD. This is an integral component of our business model.

  5. Spare Parts

    UPEC warehouses over AUD $1.5 million in stock. Our weekly air freight deliveries ensure a reliable and consistent service.


What They Are Saying