NEO CAT Auger Chilling System

General Details

CAT, Inc. started manufacturing poultry chillers in 1996 and, since then, have manufactured hundreds of systems both domestically and internationally.

CAT, Inc. was the originator of the “FATCAT” chiller, which our competitors refer to as “high-side chillers.” The FATCAT chiller allows the processor the ability to increase production while still maintaining exit temperatures in the area previously used for the poultry chiller; this is accomplished in the greater capacity per foot that the FATCAT offers over traditional poultry chillers.

Technical Info

Design Goals

Improved Bird Loading
  • Increased water level without threat of “washback”
  • Increased pounds per foot of bird load (higher capacity per length of chiller than traditional auger)
  • Reduced system footprint
No Combos during employee break period
  • Bird unloader turned off during breaks without overloading
  • No combos to rehang during breaks
  • Improved product flow down the line after the chiller
Reduce Air Agitation
  • Reduced or smaller blower systems equal less installation and operational cost
  • Smaller blower systems decrease heat load introduced back into the chiller system


Bird Transfer Through System
  • Birds entered and exited the chiller in a manner that is similar to a standard rocker pre-chiller system
  • Provides proof that the drive and unload system are functional for the tested bird rates and increased water level
  • Birds can make temp with tested loads
No Combos during employee break period
  • Bird unloader was turned off during breaks without overloading the system
  • No combos were needed during breaks
Reduce or Eliminate Air Agitation
  • Reduced blower/air volume needed for the chiller to achieve tested operational functionality.
Increased Pounds Per Foot Loading
  • The new NEO Auger design increases pounds per foot loading by 30% over standard Auger design systems today.


NEOCAT will reduce system footprint
  • 175 birds per minute is approved without inspection meaning that pounds-per-minute throughput will only increase
  • Estimated load rating at 2,200lb/ft is an increase over traditional auger rating of 1,600lbs/ft on the 12’ model. Each standard chilling system will be increased by 30% in pounds per foot loading.
NEOCAT will produce no combos during employee break period
  • No unloading during breaks means better line flow
NEOCAT will reduce required blower system size
  • Less blower reduces energy consumption and heat load through system
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